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Week notes - 2020 w03 - worklog - Murphy


Basically, I spent most of the week dealing with coding the new workflow for anonymous bug reporting. And we (Guillaume, Ksenia, Mike and myself) made good progress. I believe we will be ready for Berlin All Hands.

Also GitHub decided to revive our anonymous bugs, around 39,000 bugs are back. We haven't yet reactivated our anonymous reporting.

Next week I will be working on the last bit that will allow us to restart the normal process.

Oh! Before I forget shout out to Ksenia. When I was reviewing one of her pull requests, I discovered and explored a couple of things I didn't know in the unittest.mock python module. That is one thing we forget too often, reviewing code is a way to learn cool stuff.

Friday, I let the code on the side and did a bit of diagnosis, so the pile of bugs doesn't grow insanely. Specifically with Berlin events coming.


Also as Murphy's law put it, last week bad omens kept creeping into this week. My personal VMs just decided to not reboot, and basically I lost everything. This blog (Pelican driven with markdown files), personal blog and a couple of other sites, and my personal email server. So next week, I'll have to rebuild things during night. I have backups of blog content, and emails are under imap on my local machine. The joy of having everything as static content is making things a lot simpler.

So it's why this post is published later than sooner.

Mozilla lay-offs

Let's address the elephant in the room.

By now, everyone knows the sad news. 70 persons that you met, crossed path, worked with. 70 persons who shared a desire to make a better place for the Web. My social upbringing (fight for your workers rights) is making things difficult. I find the outpouring of help wonderful, but at the same time, I can't help myself and think that there would not be at #WalmartLifeBoat type of support for people who need to find jobs to not be on the street the day after. The value of Syndicats de salariƩs (loosely translated by Trade unions in USA, but really with a complete different culture) and the laws protecting one's job in France are essential. Every day working in a North American job culture makes you realize this.

All the best to my coworkers who were forced to leave. It's always a sad moment. Every individual circumstance is unique, emotionally, economically, etc. and if I can do anything, tell me.