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Week notes - 2020 w09 - worklog - The machine will eat us

note this is hard to keep notes with all the mental space used for work, family and… the new member of the world family: coronavirus. We need to adjust habits everywhere in the world, and it will have definitely an impact on a long term. I do not believe there will a resolution in the next couple of months. My mind is in a marathon state of mind. We are in there for a long run.

The machine will eat us.

I'm inheriting a project which was maintained by the Open innovation team for experimenting with webcompat team data. The learning curve will be steep. The gist of it is described in the Webcompat Machine Learning docs.

Some of the new things to learn:

The good news is that it is in flask/python for the most part so that's something less to digest.

Interesting challenge, even if everything seems so futile compared to the looming world crisis.

Some random bugs