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Week notes - 2020 w10, w11, w12 - worklog - Three weeks and the world is mad

So my latest work notes were 3 weeks ago, and what I was afraid about, just came to realization. We are in there for a long time. I'm living in Japan which seems to be spared puzzling many people. My non-professional armchair-epidemiologist crystall-ball impression is that Japan will not escape it seeing the daily behavior of people around me. Japan seems to have been quite protected by long cultural habits and human-less contacts society (to the extreme point of hikikomori). I don't think it will stand for a long time in a globalized world, but I'll be super happy to be wrong.

So the coronavirus anxiety porn has eaten my week notes, but we managed to maintain a relatively reasonable curve for the needsdiagnosis. That's a good news. I would love to modify a bit this curve to highlight the growing influx of unattended chrome issues. If someone from Google could give a shot to them: 55 to address. Probably less given that when you let a bug rest too long it disappears because the website has been redesigned in the meantime.

We restarted the machine learning bot classifying invalid issues. It was not playing very well with our new workflow for anonymous reporting. We had to change the criteria for selecting bugs.

oh also this happens this week and talk about a wonderful shot of pure vitamin D. That's one of the reasons of Mozilla being awesome in difficult circumstances.

I'll try to be better at my week notes in the next couple of weeks.