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A-localized work or distributed work

Jason Fried published Remote work is a platform. After a quick metaphor about the Web and how at the begining of any ecosystem change, he explains how we have a tendency to port what we knew from the old ecosystem into the new ones, before being able to develop its own grammar and language. The case here is work in offices.

In-person office work is a platform. It has its own advantages and disadvantages.

I wrote about the topic in This is not a remote work. While I hear Jason asking for people to create new techniques of working for the specific context of alocalized work (which I agree with), it probably goes deeper than just an « in-person office » versus « remote » work.

The key argument of the post is this one.

They’ll have discovered that remote work means more autonomy, more trust, more uninterrupted stretches of time, smaller teams, more independent, concurrent work (and less dependent, sequenced work).

Yes. Yes. Yes.

I would add a if the type of job allows it. You can not clean the floor of a building being away from it (except being in a SciFi style futuristic view of the future where offices are flawless… and humanless.)

The first steps for thinking about this « new platform » is

  1. probably to stop calling it remote work. The word « remote » makes you think automatically that you are away from the core thing.
  2. when you are the owners/managers of the company to think about this distributed, alocalized way of working as a viable option as much as an in-person office platform.