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Browser Wish List - Native Video Controls Features

Firefox PiP (Picture in Picture) is a wondeful feature of the native video html element. But we could probably do better.

Here a very simple video element that you can copy and paste in your URL bar.

data:text/html,<!doctype html><video controls><source src="" type="video/mp4"></video>

Video controls and menu

But these are a couple of things I wish were accessible natively.

  1. Move frame by frame (forward backward)
  2. Save as an animated GIF or another video from this frame to this frame
  3. Show me the video as a film strip with this granularity (example: an image every 10s). Global view navigation on a video is the equivalent of zooming out on a map to relocate more quickly on the area we are interested by
  4. Make it possible to associate any subtitles URL or file of my own choice.