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Whiteboard Reactionaries

The eminent Mike Taylor has dubbed us with one of his knightly tweets. Something something about

new interview question: on a whiteboard, re-implement the following in React (using the marker color of your choice)

Sir Bruce Lawson OM (Oh My…), a never ending disco knight, has commented about Mike's tweet, pointing out that:

the real test is your choice of marker colour. So, how would you go about making the right choice? Obviously, that depends where you’re interviewing.

I simply and firmly disagree and throw my gauntlet at Bruce's face. Choose your weapons, time and witnesses.

The important part of this tweet is how Mike Taylor points out how the Sillycon Valley industry is a just a pack of die-hard stick-in-the-mud reactionaries who have promoted the whiteboard to the pinnacle of one's dull abilities to regurgitate the most devitalizing Kardashianesque answers to stackoverflow problems. Young programmers! Rise! In front of the whiteboard, just walk out. Refuse the tiranny of the past, the chalk of ignorance.

Where are the humans, the progress? Where are the shores of the oceans, the Célestin Freinet, Maria Montessori and A. S. Neill, the lychens, the moss and the humus, the sap of imagination, the liberty of our creativity.