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Browser Wish List - Bookmark This Selection

Some of us are keeping notes of bread and crumbs fallen everywhere. A dead leaf, a piece of string, a forgotten note washed away on a beach, and things read in a book. We collect memories and inspiration.

All browsers have a feature called "Bookmark This Page". It is essentially the same poor badly manageable tool on every browsers. If you do not want to rely on a third party service, or an addon, what the browser has to offer is not very satisfying.

Firefox gives a possibility to change the name, to choose where to put it and to add tags at the moment we save it.

Firefox Menu for bookmarking a page

Edge follows the same conventions without the tagging.

Edge Menu for bookmarking a page

Safari offers something slightly more evolved with a Description field.

Safari Menu for bookmarking a page

but none of them is satisfying for the Web drifters, the poets collecting memories, the archivists and the explorers. And it's unfortunate because it looks like such a low hanging fruit. It ties very much in my previous post about Browser Time Machine.

Bookmark This Selection

What I would like from the bookmark feature in the browser is the ability to not only bookmark the full page but be able to select a piece of the page that is reflected in the bookmark, be through the normal menu as we have seen above or through the contextual menu of the browser.

Firefox Contextual menu after selecting a text

Then once the bookmarks are collected I can do full text searches on all the collected texts.

And yes, some add-ons exist, but I just wish the feature was native to the browser. And I do not want to rely on a third party service. My quotes are mine only and should not necessary be shared with a server on someone's else machine.

Memex which has very interesting features, but it is someone else service. Pocket (even if it belongs to Mozilla) is not answering my needs. I need to open an account, and it is someone's else server.

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