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The Benefits Of Code Review For The Reviewer

Code Review is an essential part of the process of publishing code. We often talk about the benefits of code review for projects and for people writing the code. I want to talk about the benefits for the person actually reviewing the code.

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Understanding The Project

When doing code review, we don't necessarily have a good understanding of the project, or at least the same level of understanding than the person who has written the code.

Reviewing is a good way to piece together all the parts that makes this project work.

Learning How To Better Code

A lot of the reviews I have been have involved with taught me on how to become a better developer. Nobody has full knowledge of a language, an algorithm construct, a data structure. When reviewing we learn as much as we help. For things, which seem unclear, we dive into the documentation to better understand the intent. We can put into competition the existing knowledge with the one brought by the developer.

We might bring a new solution to the table that we didn't know existed. A review is not only discovering errors or weaknesses of a code, it's how to improve the code by exchanging ideas with the developer.

Instant Gratification

There is a feel good opportunity when doing good code reviews. Specifically, when the review helped to improve both the code and the developer. Nothing better than the last comment of a developer being happy of having the code merged and the feeling of improving skills.

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