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Get browsers version number on macOS (zsh)

I'm not sure why I had not written this before, but it kind of hit me when doing testing this week, that I could optimize a bit more my time.

statues in the forest with a red beanny.

This is a shell (zsh) script and macOS only. It reads the version information of a list of browsers and spills them out in a nice and ready to be copied and pasted in a bug report.


browsers=("Safari Technology Preview" "Firefox Nightly" "Google Chrome Canary" "Safari" "Firefox" "Google Chrome" "Microsoft Edge Canary")

for browser_name in ${(@k)browsers}; do
  full_path="${APP_PATH}${browser_name}${INFO_PATH}" ;
  if test -f "$full_path"; then
    browser_version=$(defaults read "$full_path" CFBundleShortVersionString);
    echo "${browser_name} ${browser_version}";

What it looks like once rendered. I need to update a couple of things.

Safari Technology Preview 15.4
Firefox Nightly 103.0a1
Safari 15.5
Firefox 99.0
Microsoft Edge Canary 104.0.1285.0