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Filter your mail in a dated space server side with Sieve

When it comes to sort out your emails, there are many strategies. Since I have been working at W3C, I'm a fan of dated spaces. I apply this strategy to my emails using Sieve.

mailbox stuffed with old letters and papers.

Dated Space?

A dated space is a way to organize the information by date folders. Here is an example on my folders.

organization by dates of folders.

and here the same type of organization for mails.

organization by dates of folders.

Why would you do that?

Dated Space For Mail With Sieve

Sieve is a language for filtering e-mail messages. It resides on the server side. So it requires that your mail provider accepts that you can manage sieve rules for your own mail.

I filter all my incoming mails indifferently of their nature to a dated space. Everything is mixed. And I restructure my emails folders with smart mailboxes. Then I can suppress folders which are not valid anymore, create new ones, all of this without touching any emails.

Sieve Script

require ["fileinto", "date", "mailbox", "variables"];
# filter emails based on the date and move them to a folder.
# mail from June 2022, will be saved into /2022/06
# set values for month and year
if currentdate :matches "year" "*" { set "year" "${1}"; };
if currentdate :matches "month" "*" { set "month" "${1}"; };
# mv the message into the right mail folder
fileinto :create "${year}/${month}";

It's a very simple script and works like a charm. Sieve is a very powerful language. It's possible to do all kind of classifications.

Oh… and yes… my Inbox is obviously by the nature of the script always… 0.