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[worklog] From 17s to 0.5s, testing for performance

Tune of the week: Hip-Hop Mixtapes.

Webcompat Life

Progress this week:

Today: 2016-05-23T15:18:18.501043
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Londong agenda.

French Mozilla Community seems interested by Web Compatibility work. Replying to a thread where we asked me more information.

Seen this http-prompt library. Shared the link with mike who replied "wow! gonna install this". A couple of minutes later I opened a new issue for the missing HEAD method. Then I thought "Oh shoot! I can solve this". I created a pull request, which was merged in the following hour. ❤️ opensource.

Webcompat issues

(a selection of some of the bugs worked on this week). dev

  • We got a performance regression with a code I had written recently. Maybe there is a solution. A bit later. Found. Reminder to myself: do performance testing for any I/O operations before pushing them to prod. On Thursday, I did a lot of testing. Maybe I should write a separate post about this. It was an interesting experiment. Upload performances went from 17s to 0.5s
  • We probably need to block the about: URIs in reporting. It doesn't make sense in the context of our work.

Reading List

  • Evaluating scripts using Marionette: "I finally managed to land a patch that makes evaluated scripts have lasting side-effects in the document. This means that scripts such as = 42 or = "pink" will take effect on the DOM. This is a requirement for WebDriver conformance, and a major inhibitor for people trying to replace FirefoxDriver with Marionette in their automation. "
  • Web Standards: "Standards are made by the people who show up, and not nearly enough people are showing up. We need publishers and designers and engineers, typographers and librarians and entrepreneurs, web folks and book folks and business folks. We certainly need more diversity of gender and color and class."
  • GridViz: A Firefox extension to visualize grid lines defined by the CSS Grid API

Follow Your Nose


  • Document how to write tests on using test fixtures.
  • ToWrite: rounding numbers in CSS for width
  • ToWrite: Amazon prefetching resources with <object> for Firefox only.