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[worklog] Understanding Gecko code to better understand Webcompat bugs.

Last week-end, I went to see the work of a forest company in Kanagawa mountains from cutting down the trees, to manage the forest resources, to distribute them on the market. Sustainability is key for small structures. To achieve the sustainibility, you need to take care of the health of the ecosystem. I relate that a lot to the Web ecosystem and its zillion of small Web agencies versus big companies such as Facebook, Google, etc. Some needs to the Web to be sustainable, the others have the power to wipe out the entire landscape to replace the Web with something for their own needs. Web standards are keys for the Web ecosystem. Not caring for them because it just works creates the troy horse for big companies.

Tune of the week: 殯の森

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The CSS rounding issue was interesting for me, because it helps me to dive in a place which is outside my comfort zone, aka the C++ code of Gecko. I have tried to fix a couple of issues here and there in the past, but nothing really too dangerous. Each time I ventured through the code, I always wondered where is this documented, things like the 1/60 for the CSS width that I explained this week. Maybe it's not necessary. But I have the feeling it would help beginners. Or maybe these are things that should be documented in the source code. Not sure.

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(a selection of some of the bugs worked on this week). dev

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